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The Organic Backyard

The Organic Backyard

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A guide to applying organic farming practices to your home or community garden. 

Growing organic food enables you to eat and share the most authentic form of local food possible while actively contributing to the health of our ecosystems. In this guide, we have taken the key elements of organic farming principles and practices as contained in the Canadian Organic Standards, and have made them more user-friendly for you, the gardener.

Although coined The Organic Backyard, the content is intended to reach all growers of food on a small-scale - either at home, in community gardens, across urban backyards, at schools or in parks and reclaimed urban land.

What people are saying about The Organic Backyard:

The Organic Backyard is the perfect starting point for home and community gardeners who want to hone their gardening skills. It covers a wide range of techniques and ideas that will help you boost yield AND reduce time spent weeding, watering and fighting pests. Niki Jabbour, Author of "The Year Round Vegetable Gardener"

The Organic Backyard reflects changes in the definition and practices of organic that continue to evolve. We recognize more than ever how each action has an effect because of the interconnectedness of everything, including ourselves. And, by choosing organic, you’re by-passing a huge supply chain that feeds on chemical inputs that harm our environment. It all starts with seed and there are excellent references for choices and to understand the differences between types.  Useful practical examples are included to inspire the novice or stimulate the experienced gardener into trying new things like co-cropping/cocktail cropping for enhanced fertility and attracting beneficial insects and pollinators.  It’s all about getting the most out of your garden – good yields, lots of variety and healthy, great tasting food! Astrid Muschalla, PHEc - Instructor, Organic Master Gardener course, Gaia College; Certified Organic Land Care Professional; Vice-President,  Society of Organic Urban Land Care (SOUL).

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