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Organic Field Crop Handbook, 3rd Edition

Organic Field Crop Handbook, 3rd Edition

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The Organic Field Crop Handbook - 3rd Edition (448 pages), provides a road map to field crop producers who aspire to improve the environmental sustainability and profitability of their farming operations. It is intended for organic farmers as well as for producers who want to reduce their reliance on external inputs while improving knowledge of non-chemical weed management and natural methods to enhance soil fertility. Academics and extension workers will find these pages packed with the latest science (at the time of writing) and best management practices for organic field crop production. The handbook provides the theoretical foundation as well as practical production guidance for the cultivation of the key organic field crops grown in North America.



This handbook is divided into five sections. Section One covers the principles upon which organic management practices are based along with an overview of the organic certification process. Section Two focuses on soil management, Section Three on weed and pest management, while Section Four is written to help producers to understand how to design an effective organic field crop rotation. Section Five provides practical tips for growing the key organic field crops of North America.

Note, all units reported in this handbook are in both metric AND imperial.  

What people are saying about the Organic Field Crop Handbook:

On our organic, family farm we’ve learned that our greatest resource is healthy soil. The Organic Field Crop Handbook is used regularly for principles of crop rotation, planting methods, and soil management and therefore has been a necessary reference to attain the ultimate goal of growing healthy food for families in western Canada.”
David and Valerie Witzaney, New Life Organic Foods

"I will be using it in my classes and will be promoting it to all organic farmers.  The book contains a very good balance of practical and theoretical knowledge that is tailored to the needs of organic farmers in Canada.  The writers of this book did a great job of including Canadian data and Canadian stories."

Martin Entz, PhD, P Ag, FCSA Professor of Cropping Systems and Natural Systems Agriculture Department of Plant Science, University of Manitoba

“There are few ‘must-have’ books for the organic farm library and this is one. You turn to it countless times whether to check seeding rates or row spacing, or when you are thinking about implementing an innovative technique. More than just a practical manual, the Organic Field Crop Handbook weaves the integrity, the intent and the principles
behind what makes organic farming so necessary for our collective food future.”
Av Singh, PhD, PAg, Organic Extension Specialist

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