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Crop Planning for Vegetable Growers (E-BOOK)

Crop Planning for Vegetable Growers (E-BOOK)

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From COG Practical Skills Handbooks series:

Crop Planning for Vegetable Growers

By: Frederic Theriault & Daniel Brisebois


This book is a must read for vegetable growers of all scales – organic or not. It’s not easy to make a living growing and selling vegetables. This book gives you a field-tested eleven step planning approach that will take some of the chaos out of your business and help you move towards profitability. In steps one and two, you’ll learn how to set realistic financial goals and figure out how to meet them through your marketing outlets. In steps three to eight, you will learn how to develop an actual crop plan. In step nine, you’ll learn how to implement your crop plan and record what actually happens in the field. In steps ten and eleven, you will analyze how your crop plan fared and start planning for next year. Simple right?

The book is interspersed with real world examples of vegetable operations across the country which showcase the importance of crop planning. It also contains a wealth of information in the form of vegetable reference charts. These can be modified for use in your own crop planning.

Table of Contents

1.      Set Your Financial Goals

2.      Develop a Marketing Plan

3.      Make Field Planting Schedules

4.      Create Crop Maps

5.      Choose Vegetable Varieties and Finalize Planting Schedule

6.      Generate Greenhouse Schedules

7.      Fill Out a Seed Order

8.      Make a Field Operations Calendar

9.      Carry Out the Crop Plan

10.   Analyse Crop Profitability

11.   Plan for Next Year

Click here to read the introduction and sample pages


Crop Planning Templates:

- Greenhouse Record Sheet

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