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Membership Through Monthly Giving

Membership Through Monthly Giving

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With this option, you will be a monthly donor and COG member. This option enables you to spread out the cost of your membership over the year, so instead of making an upfront payment of $60, you can support COG & become a member through monthly payments starting at $5.

As a member of COG, you receive: 

  • Voting rights at COG’s Annual General Meeting and any special member meetings;
  • Discounts on various COG books, courses and webinars;
  • Discounts on partner events, products and services;
  • Special education forums;
  • Special sector updates
  • Early access to important surveys; and
  • Our comprehensive bi-weekly e-newsletter: The Harvest.

    Important information:

    • A charitable tax receipt will be granted if the total amount you donate over the year is greater than or equal to $20 (excluding our membership fee). The charitable tax receipt will be mailed to you in February
    • If you aren't interested in receiving a charitable tax receipt and just want to become a COG member - no problem! We suggest you sign up for the giving plan at $5 a month.
    • If you would like to receive a tax receipt for your contributions, we suggest starting your monthly giving plan at $10 a month.
    • For information on the secure payment platform (Charge Rabbit) used for Monthly Giving, click here.
    • If you would like to support COG monthly through direct withdrawal, please contact us at 1-888-375-7383 ext 302.



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